Monday, March 16, 2015

Avengers News Report - Saturday Night Live Skit Featuring Chris Hemsworth And Taran Killam

With the blockbuster summer movie blitz fast approaching there is no doubt we will see a fair amount of Saturday Night Live movie parody skits. Although I love these type of SNL episodes I prefer it when they come out after a movie is released. Of course when a franchise like Avengers is getting ready to release a movie it's better to jump on the bandwagon and get some laughs in early so you can have the spotlight when fan boys inevitably go online after release day to search for more entertainment in relation to the film they were just blown away by and with Chris Hemsworth guest staring there was noway the SNL corporate bigwigs were going to pass up the chance to lampoon such a huge smash hit like The Avengers.

Since Chris Hemsworth was on the show this night it was obvious that the character of Thor was going to be the main superhero in this Saturday Night Live Skit. I've always thought that he played this character a little stiff in the film but that's probably on purpose, because lets face it, what could be more stiff and unmovable other than a Norse god. In this skit he gets to let loose and almost seems to be pretending to be drunk. Maybe Thor had a little bit too much mead after defeating the evil artificial intelligence known as Ultron. Whether you agree with me or not you have to admit that Thor seems more like an excited football fan whose team has just won the Superbowl rather than the the mighty god of thunder.

Cecily Strong plays a reporter who seems unaffected by the destruction surrounding him as he calmly interviews Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Iron man played by Taran Killam and Captain America (Beck Bennett) as well as Nick Fury (Jay Pharoah) and Bruce Banner (Pete Davidson). I was kind of hoping to see someone portraying The Hulk as that character is pure comedy gold. Everyone does a good job of portraying their Marvel characters with special distinction going to Taran Killam for portraying Tony Stark's humor accurately but to be honest non of the characters get more than five seconds of screen time other than Thor.

So how do you guys like season 40 of Saturday Night Live so far? I don't think it's going to go down as one of my modern favorites but they have had some fairly interesting celebrity guest stars. What has been your favorite episode so far?

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