Sunday, March 1, 2015

Father Daughter Ad - Saturday Night Live Skit Featuring Taran Killam And Dakota Johnsson

Lately Saturday Night Live has been doing skits that make fun of the terrorist group ISIS and this is not the first episode to deal with this topic. If you ask me it's about time. This was a parody sketch of the 'My Bold Dad' commercial that was shown during the 2014 Superbowl. In this new vignette a father played by Taran Killam is dropping off his daughter played by Dakota Johnsson at the airport, he's having the talk that every father has with his son or daughter as they leave the nest to finally go out into the world. We've seen these commercial before, perhaps his daughter is joining the army and this is the final goodbye or maybe she's off to college. What really happens in this SNL video will have you laughing like crazy.

They really need to do more videos like this. I think an organization like ISIS needs to be the butt of jokes. We can already see how ridiculous the worldview of organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda is so why not use them for great comedy material?

Some people have been hating on this skit because it makes light humor of a group that is responsible for killing and maiming thousands of innocent people and given the recent story of three young British girls that left the UK this comedy sketch seems times to cause the most controversy possible.

The point I think many people are missing is that the best way to deal with religious extremism and fanatical terrorist groups in the media is to use ridicule. Logic and reason do not work on groups that are bent on murdering people who do not agree with their viewpoints. The only way to counter their madness is to mock them. In this way SNL has the perfect vehicle to push against these groups. I for one hope to see more skits like this from Saturday Night Live in the near future.

Here are some of the comments I've seen about this skit on twitter.
So it what way is this skit making fun of people getting killed by ISIS? I thought they were making fun of the people that join ISIS and turn into killers or the wives of killers themselves? I don't see any problem with mocking those people. Maybe if the received more criticize they would think twice before making such a choice.
I agree bullies need to be mocked. They prey on the weakest among us and only through mockery can they see their own ignorance, at least this guy gets it. No one is making fun of the people being slaughtered. The target here is ISIS itself.


  1. The video didn't make me laugh, but I realized that terrorists don't deserve our respect, they deserve to be mocked, just like the other commenter stated.