Monday, March 30, 2015

Sam Smith And Dr. Evil Cold Open - Saturday Night Live Skit

This Saturday Night Live skit was taken from the 2014 Christmas special. This was an episode hosted by Amy Adams but because it was a holiday special there were tons of celebrities on on hand for the performance. Mike Myers showed up to do a cameo for the introduction sketch and it was hilarious.

The scene starts with Sam Smith (Taran Killam) hosting a holiday special entitled a very somber Christmas. He is singing his song Stay With Me. Taran Killam does a great job with this skit and if it would have continued it would have been funny as hell to see him parody a moody Sam Smith but just as things start to get funny the broadcast is interrupted by Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers franchise. I love Mike Myers and pretty much all the characters he has created for his films so this was a real treat for me. Dr. Evil proceeds to to give his opinion on the recent release of Seth Rogen's new movie The Interview. Apparently Dr. Evil is close friends with North Korea's Dictator Kim Jong Un. I won't give away the whole sketch but it's definitely worth a watch and will give you more than a few laughs.

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