Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shark Tank ISIS - Saturday Night Live Skit Featuring Chris Rock And Kate McKinnon

This was another Saturday Night Live skit that drew a lot of attention and criticism for making light of the terrorist group known as ISIS. I don't know what people expect when a group like ISIL has become such a major terrorist organization. The media is covering this group on a daily basis so of course we are going to see some comedians taking shots at them. I think Chris Rock and Kyle Mooney did a great job of portraying two ISIS militants seeking funding for their terror group. Chris Rock goes a little over the top with his humor but any fan of his work should be use to his methods for getting the audience to crack up. I really don't see what all the drama is about. SNL has been pretty tame even in recent years when you compare them to series like MadTV or In Living Color. Comedy shows from the 90s were much more offensive than Saturday Night Live is on their worst episode.

As far as the acting goes Kate McKinnon does an incredible job of playing Barbara Corcoran, I mean she hits it out of the ballpark here and even seems to get her voice right. Kenan Thompson also does a great job portraying Daymond John who seems willing to strike a deal with the two jihadists when they offer to make FUBU the official brand of the new Islamic caliphate. Season 40 has really been great, there have been many incredible celebrity guest stars too, I'm sad to see it coming to an end but we still have a few episodes remaining.